Mini Electric Cosmetic Washing Machine

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Why Multifunctional Beauty Blender Washing Machine®?

  • Now you can thoroughly spin wash and dry your sponge, puff, and brushes in 1 minute, without feeling like a dreaded activity! Meet the most innovative beauty gadget this year that turns cleaning tools into playtime.

  • No more waiting for makeup brushes or sponges to dry for days. Adopts the spin dry function, Sponge pop Washer Dryer 2.0 is equipped with a drain basket and hose to enhance drainage and shorten drying time.

  • Dirty makeup tools may cause acne, irritations, or breakouts. Upgraded Sponge pop washer dryer removes all the foundation, blush color, dead skin, or bacteria that you can’t even see from brushes and sponges.

  • Spin washer easily and thoroughly removes eye shadow or blush color than washing your makeup tools by hands.
  • Upgraded version of mini drain basket and hose enhance drainage and dries makeup tools in a short time.
  • Efficiently clean and dry makeup tools in 1 minute.
  • Palm-size and sleek corner design washer dryers are easy to hold.
  • A stable rotary with small vibration makes it quiet to use.
  • Compatible with 95% makeup sponges and brushes in the market.

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